Sponsor a child (Distance adoption)

How does distance adoption work?

By sponsoring or adopting a child one is providing a monthly donation which is intended to help the child provide its basic needs. Basically the money (35 Dollars or 25 Euros per month) is used to cover the expenses of children that are supported by this organization. The adoptive parent or sponsor has the ability to choose which child he/she/they would like to support by choosing from the children’s profiles, either here on the web-page or by asking for the profile documents. When the child has been picked the sponsor will be provided by the payment details. Once the payment has begun, the sponsor will receive regular updates from the child, in the form of photographs, video messages, written messages, school reports etc. It is important to us that the sponsors see that their help is making a difference.

We are fully aware that there may be some skepticism about where the money is going and how it is actually used. Therefore we want to make our operations and expenses as transparent as possible. This is why we formulated a document, in the attempt to convince the public that the sponsorship donation is going to the right causes. We give a description on how the money is allocated and an exact budget for all the areas covered by the amount. We wanted to show exactly where every Dollar/Euro (even Cent) is going, down to every detail. It is vital for us that our sponsors feel secure that their contribution is going to the desired cause.






Volunteers Heart For Africa invites you to EDUCATE AN ORPHAN for $35/ €25 a month!

Imagine, growing up in  a world where you lack the very basics in life,  food, clean water, medicine, shelter, safety, a bed of your own, at best, a bed of reeds to sleep on. School would be wonderful to attend, the path out of poverty, but there is no money for school fees, so you stay home and wait for a miracle, but for most there is none, life is simply survival staying alive.

Death is very common (20% of Africa's children do not reach the age of five). Life is hard, and yet, most of the world is unaware of plight of Africa's children. 

It is estimated that there are 300 million children worldwide who are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse. Over 143 million of these children are orphans: children from birth to 17 years old who have lost one or both parents. These are children subjected to disease, child labor and child trafficking.  

Since 2009, Volunteers Heart For Africa has been committed to making life better for orphans, vulnerable children and families. The needs can feel overwhelming at times, but behind every need there is a story – the face of a child or a family.

Your involvement with Volunteers Heart For Africa can change a child's life forever. We welcome individuals, churches, mission teams and donors to help us make life better for children and women.

To learn more about our orphan care efforts and other ways to get involved, please contact us at vhfa.ug@hotmail.com