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Dec 08

How Did Zac Efron Get So Fit for Baywatch?

By Sharon Reed | Workouts

Early childhood and career

Zachary David Alexander Efron was born in California into a middle-class agnostic family on 18th October 1987 that did not practice any religion though they had Jewish ancestry through his paternal grandfather.

Multi talented Zac Efron as he is popularly known worldwide is an actor, singer and workout freak whose acting career began when only eleven years old.

A string of stage shows, television series and films propelled him into popularity among the teenage and younger generation of fans and is today worth a net value of US $10 million.

His entry into the “Baywatch” franchise with the latest film to be released in May 2017, has transformed Zac Efron from popular artiste to “Super Star” image with his body undergoing a dramatic change that would surely keep viewers spellbound and has also built a fitness cult around his workout routine.

Zac’s Movie Prep

Subsequent to seeing Zac Efron shooting for “Baywatch” his new sculptured body has driven those wanting to emulate him into a right royal frenzy.

“Baywatch” has already made inroads into the minds of the fans just because Zac Efron is a part of it and would take the film, on his shoulders when it is released to the box office and the envisaged breaking of all previous records as that is the hype it has already received.

Ably guided by his trainer Patrick Murphy the two have put together the training routine, that has reached Zac Efron’s body fat to 5% in just 12 weeks.

Zac Efron’s Training Style

Zac’s training is a three day split, working on the biceps and back on day one, legs from hip downwards on the second and shoulders, chest and arms on the third day, which routine he has superseded and gone on to better and a more strenuous regime.

This simple but strenuous regime has brought Zac Efron super stardom and elevated him to a pin up idol among the young who have just gone raving crazy about him.

The Zac Efron workout is doing two exercises together with no break in between which helps to burn more calories and brings more blood flow into the muscles.

Zac Efron pushed his body to the limit to get the body he is exhibiting on the “Baywatch” sets today and whether the film would be carried really on his shoulders is something everyone is waiting with gaping mouths to see.

Look Like an A-List Celebrity

We too could get a cue from Zac Efron and try his workout to get our bodies too, closer to his “Super Star” looks and then here is what we need to do.

Follow his strict routine of concentrating on two parts of our bodies and follow it up back to back with another two and keep repeating it.

The next best thing is to get to the closest beach if you have one and do what Zac Efron would do best when we see him on the big screen come May 2017, save lives.

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