Chiropractor and SEO

By Sharon Reed | Services

Jul 03

At one time there may not have been a need for a chiropractor to know SEO as there were few people interested in chiropractor but now chiropractic services have become popular, there is a need for a chiropractor to know SEO if they want to stay competitive. Of course, like any other businessman or professional, a chiropractor can hire SEO professionals instead of taking the time to learn SEO themselves. Fortunately for those chiropractors that do decide to hire an SEO professional, there are chiropractic SEO specialists; SEO professionals that specialize in chiropractic.

What an SEO professional can do is create a website which will be the business’s online marketing tool. Although any SEO professional can create a high quality website, one that specializes in chiropractic will be able to create one that will be particularly appealing to people that use chiropractic services. This is important as surveys have shown that the vast majority of people using the internet will only take 70 seconds to decide if they like a particular website or not and if they don’t, move on to the next one. An experienced SEO professional that specializes in chiropractic will know exactly what it is that will hold visitors attention to a chiropractic website long enough for them to take an interest in what is available.

An SEO professional will also ensure that the website is to a high standard as otherwise, with grammar errors or similar poor quality, a visitor may decide to move sites anyway. A website should therefore be of high quality and be interesting and relevant to what the website is about. A good site map and a contacts page clearly marked on the homepage makes a good start but the layout and content is also important. As more than 50% of online business is carried out by return visitors to a website, the content on a website should be changed regularly o that visitors will not get bored and always find it interesting to visit the site.

Designing websites is only part of an SEO professional’s job though as another important part is to ensure that a website gets visitors in the first place. To achieve this, an SEO professional will often use keywords in the text of some of the website’s content. The keywords are designed to attract the search engine’s attention whilst it is carrying out an online search. Normally when a search engine carries out an online search, it will produce a list of hundreds of websites that match the search criteria and these websites can be listed in any order but, when keywords have been correctly used, the websites with those keywords will be placed at the top of the search engine’s list, making them far more likely to be visited by the searcher. Another strategy is to use back links which are links to a site which are placed on host sites. An SEO professional that specializes in chiropractic will know the best sites to place these links on for maximum effect.

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