Relief for Muscles

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Nov 19

All of us at some time during our lives will want relief from pain and probably more often than not it will be one or other of our muscles which the pain is coming from. Although there have for many years been several choices of painkillers to choose from, little work and those that do are extremely expensive but few will have been specifically created for easing muscle pain, more likely just pain in general. Today though there has been a break-through in the creation of a pain-killing cream specifically designed to target muscle pain and is the cost is reasonable.

The pain easer specifically designed to help relieve muscle pain is called CBD muscle cream and it received this name due to it containing CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD is something found in hemp which of course is often referred to marijuana or cannabis but CBD may not be present in such abundance in any marijuana you find on the street as it is THC and not CBD which creates the high marijuana is popular for.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is of course also found in hemp as it is the ingredient which recreational users rely on for their highs. Both THC and CBD are found in the Cannabinoids which the hemp plant has in abundance but only until more recently have researchers been able to distinguish between cannabinoids containing THC and those containing the more beneficial CBD which has led them to be able to provide products with beneficial properties without the adverse side effects THC also.

Cannabinoids are not just beneficial to our health but are also essential and for that reason, our own bodies produce some of their own and in order for them to have the most effect, the brain has even developed some special cannabinoid receptors. It is these receptors in our brains which probably account for the cannabinoids containing THC to have such an intense effect on us.

CBD has now been shown to be very beneficial for our health as not only has it been added to cream to give relief from muscle pain but has also been added to oil to afford relief from stress. As it is as useful as been shown, scientists have started to grow a strain of hemp with reduced THC and extra CBD, making the plant even more beneficial.

It is not just benefits for our health which hemp can provide as it has long been known that it can be used to make oil and in fact, the first ever Ford motor car had been designed especially to run on hemp oil. That was of course before marijuana became illegal to grow or use. Even the pulp of hemp can be used as once compressed it can replace paper for many things, allowing large amounts our forests from being destroyed. Why this would be beneficial is because trees are the lungs of the planet and need to be preserved not destroyed and whilst trees can take years to be replaced, hemp is very fast growing and can be replaced in just 6 months.

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