Starting to Meditate

By Sharon Reed | Health and Wellness

Jun 22

Like with everything else, beginning to meditate is always the hardest part as once you have started, it seems easy to continue. Probably what puts most people off about starting is the fact that they mistakenly believe they will have to meditate for hours each day in order to gain any benefits from it but research has now shown that even meditating for just 10 minutes each day can have beneficial effects on health and well-being. Although some people do meditate for long periods of time, most, due to today’s busy lifestyles, meditate for much shorter periods, perhaps 10 minutes as they wake or before they go to sleep. Some people may augment those 10 minutes by meditating a further couple of minutes on a bus or train on their way to work or perhaps during a rest break in work but, tests have shown that 10 minutes alone are often enough to gain the benefits meditation can offer.

Advice on how to begin meditation can be found on websites like but really it is just a case of sitting down with your back straight and clearing your mind, nothing sinister or mysterious. Studies have now shown that eight weeks of daily meditation of 10 minutes each day can have significant benefits to your health but of course, the longer you continue those meditations, after the initial 8 weeks, the benefits can still grow. Scientific research recently carried out identified specific benefits which meditation can offer but still, further research is thought will provide proof of even more benefits. Of course, long-term proponents for meditation are likely to say meditation can cure all ills but whilst it can’t, it is certainly being proven to perhaps, if not cure, then prevent many disorders, complaints or bad habits.

The main benefits of meditation are now known to be an increase in the size of the brain and although the brain has many different aspects, some of which are good and others bad, it is 3 of the good areas of the brain which have been identified as the parts which show expansion after continuous meditation. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol can, of course, have a negative effect on our health and although many people would like to give them, most lack the will-power to do so. Short periods of meditation over a prolonged period of time though has now shown can help build willpower and so meditation may be the answer some people have been looking for in order to rid themselves of these bad habits.

Meditation has also been proven to assist in helping people to concentrate and stay focused on what they need to be focused on. Although this obviously means meditation could help college students, it also means that it can help many workers in other fields as they too often need to remain focused on their job at hand. Meditation can also lower blood pressure which is often beneficial for the elderly.

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